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Our Mission

Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association provides safe, reliable electric service that exceeds member/owner expectations and builds cooperative relationships between our valued members and our professional, caring employees.


Our Vision
To be the best Electric Power Association in America.




  • We will make the security, protection and well-being of our employees and members a constant priority through our compliance with all safety rules at all times.


  • We will always be truthful.

  • We will act with integrity, doing what we say we will do, on time, every time.

  • We will demonstrate sincerity with no hidden agendas.


  • We will maintain a keen awareness that we exist solely for the benefit of our members/owners.

  • We will exercise fiscal responsibility in all our activities.

  • We will provide dependable, on-time service through consistent policies and practices.

  • We will be dedicated, loyal and diligent in carrying out organizational tasks and actions.

  • We will not allow outside personal interests to interfere with work-related responsibilities.

  • We will discipline ourselves, and in accordance with our code of ethics, also hold each other accountable, to behave in alignment with our Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Ethics.

  • We will adhere to organization-adopted policies.


  • We will not discriminate against an employee or member on the basis of race, gender, age, or any other protected classification.

  • We will make every effort to maintain fairness as we make decisions affecting our employees or members, based on organizational policies/procedures and other relevant information.

  • We will not inappropriately judge or criticize the decisions of others within our organization.


  • We will set personal interests aside for the benefit of our members/owners, always keeping their best interest at heart.

  • We will promote an environment of cooperation in which individuals work together to satisfy our vision, mission and goals.

  • We will be supportive of each other.

Organizational Pride

  • We will always do our job to the best of our ability with a positive attitude.

  • We will convey professionalism by taking individual responsibility for maintaining the appearance of our buildings, equipment, apparel, etc.

  • We will continually strive to exceed internal and external expectations.

Open Communication

  • We will be direct, encourage input, and consider any and all opinions appropriately expressed.

  • We will show respect through courtesy and consideration of others' views and feelings.
  • We will listen to each other.

  • We will ensure an open flow of relevant information to all employees and members.

Individual Development

  • We will help each employee develop skills and competencies necessary for reaching their full potential.
  • We will foster an atmosphere where individual creativity and initiative is encouraged, within the constraints of organizational policies.


  • We will be flexible and open-minded to change.

  • We will try new ideas and test old ones.


 "Strong on Service"