Frequently Asked Questions

How is my bill calculated?

The monthly meter reading shows how many kilowatt-hours have been used since the previous reading.  The kilowatt-hours are multiplied by the rate and the power cost adjustment charge to determine the energy charge.  Other charges such as security lights and any applicable taxes are added in to arrive at the bill total.

What do I have to do to get a meter put in my name?

In order for a person to become a member of Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association, the following criteria must be met:

  •  Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  •  Two valid forms of identification must be presented.
  •  He or she must give a valid address and phone number.
  •  Person must complete and sign a membership application.
  •  All applicable fees must be paid before connection of service.

Each Consumer requesting electric service is required to become a member of the cooperative. Each additional service requested by a member receives a non-voting membership. Upon termination of service, the membership fee is applied to the final bill, or if the account is paid in full, it is returned to the member.

A $25.00 Membership Fee is required of every new member applying for service with Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association.

What will my deposit be?

Members who own their own property can have the deposit waived with a good credit score. With marginal credit, a member will only have to put up a $200 deposit. With poor credit score, a member who owns their own property will have to have a $300 deposit. On rental property, a member with a good credit score will have a $200 deposit, with marginal credit, the member will have a deposit equal to the highest one month bill on the location in the last twelve months or $200, or whichever is greater. A poor credit score on rental property will result in the total of the two highest bills in the last twelve months.

What are the office hours for each business office?

The normal business hours are as follows:

Yazoo City Office     8:00 a.m. until   5:00 p.m.
Redwood Office       8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

How are commercial deposits figured?

Commercial Accounts - The deposit amount for any commercial account will be determined after a consideration of the kWh load that will exists at the location.  The deposit for a commercial account will be accepted in the form of a monetary payment, letter of credit from a financial institution, Surety Bond, or CD (Cash Deposit). 

What are the service requirements before having a meter set?

1) A building or structure shall not be horizontally closer than twelve (12) feet to high voltage lines.
2) CB or TV antennas shall not be installed within falling distance of power lines:  primary or secondary.
3) The Association will specify the service entrance location.
4) Service drops or any other power lines shall not be installed over or crossing any part of a building or structure, except for the eaves.
5) The size of the service panel shall be used to determine the size of the service conductor.
6) Members shall make no attachments, such as CB, TV, or SATELLITE DISH antennas, lights, etc. on utility or meter poles.
7) The service mast shall be of adequate strength to support 150 feet of service drop.  A minimum mast of 2” inch rigid metal conduit is required.
8) Meter installation should be accessible to an outside wall.
9) Where a coupling is required on a mast, the coupling should be located below the roof-line.

What is a Power Cost Adjustment charge?

The power cost adjustment is a charge passed through from the generation company to cover the variable cost of fuel and purchased power.  Because fuel prices may vary widely from month to month and additional power must be purchased from time to time, the bill is adjusted to cover the complete wholesale power cost.

The fact is that all electric utilities have a power cost adjustment for fuel each month, but Yazoo Valley shows it as a separate item on the bill.  We want you to know exactly how much of your bill is the cost of fuel at the generating plant.  Our fuels are coal-60%, natural gas-14%, and nuclear-21%, with the remainder of power being hydro-5%.

There's one good thing about the power cost adjustment.  It can also go down!  The power cost adjustment reflects the exact cost for fuel to make the kWh's that you used.  If the price Yazoo Valley pays for fuel goes down, then the cost per kWh goes down too.  If we had a fixed power cost adjustment, then sometimes you would pay too much!

Does Yazoo Valley accept credit/debit cards?

Yes, Yazoo Valley began accepting credit and debit cards as a method of payment in July of 2005.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.  We will be glad to accept a credit or debit payment at either of our two locations.  

If my account is disconnected, when can I have it reconnected? 

Accounts disconnected for non-payment will be reconnected after all past due amounts and service charges are paid.  The account will be reconnected only during the regular business hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays. 

What will the cost for reconnection be?

A $35.00 Service Charge is a non-refundable charge is required on transfers of service, or reconnections.  The service charge is required when service is moved or when a service is reconnected after being disconnected for any reason.  Reconnections are made during regular business hours only.

When was my meter read?

Actual reading dates and the monthly readings are printed on each bill for your convenience.  Also, your bill will show the number of days included in the billing sequence. 

Do meter readers use binoculars to read my meter?

Contract meter readers may read your meter with binoculars.  They are able to obtain an accurate reading this way.  If it is necessary, the meter readers may use binoculars.

What can I do to lower my electric bill?

Each member can pick up a copy of our Home Energy Savers Guide available at both locations.