How We Restore Your Electric Service

Cooperative Response Center, Inc. 

After-hours or during widespread, severe outages, the Cooperative Response Center (CRC) handles incoming calls for Yazoo Valley EPA. CRC is capable of handling hundreds of calls per minute. The CRC outage reporting system enables us to respond to outages quickly and efficiently. The CRC software enables us to see at a glance where our outages are located and the number of members affected. This enables our dispatcher to send the right people and equipment to restore the outage.

It is extremely important that Yazoo Valley EPA has your correct telephone number on file in our database. The technology used by CRC identifies the member by telephone caller ID. Before you even give your name and account number, CRC will have your account information on their computer screen.

Steps To Restore Your Electric Service:

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Step 1 - We focus on the biggest repairs first to restore the most members - this means generating facilities, high-voltage transmission towers, and lines that feed distribution substations.

Step 2 - Substations are next. A repair here can bring power to a large number of homes and businesses.

Step 3 - Distribution three-phase lines are then checked. They carry reduced voltage electricity to towns, communities and subdivisions.

Step 4 - Next, we check the single-phase lines which carry electricity to utility poles or underground transformers outside homes and other buildings. Critical services such as hospitals, fire and police take priority here followed by restoration to the greatest number of consumers.

Step 5 - Finally, the service line between your home and transformer on a nearby pole may be damaged. This may keep you in the dark while your neighbors have power. Call us if you have an outage here.