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Yazoo Valley EPA uses a billing program called cycle billing.  This method divides our service area into "routes" or specific geographic districts.

Your meter date and corresponding bill due date is determined based on where you live.  Cycle billing enables us to assure each member is billed within a few days of the meter reading.  


The Board of Directors of the Association sets Yazoo Valley’s rates.  Yazoo Valley EPA determines the correct rate by contracting engineering and accounting firms to perform Cost of Service Studies that examine each individual class to determine what that class of customers (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) costs to serve.  In other words, how much equipment and lines are required to serve each customer class and what they should be paying to cover the cost of providing their service?

The cost of purchasing and maintaining lines and equipment determines the rate that each customer class is charged.  Yazoo Valley electric Power Association serves in a very sparsely populated area of Mississippi and our costs of service are reflected in the rates we charge.

However, Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association is a not-for-profit company that only charges what it actually costs to provide electric service.
All our margins (money left over after all the bills are paid) are returned to our members in the form of Capital Credits.

Invoice Billing

If a member has more than account, he or she qualifies for Invoice Billing.  With this option, members will receive billing statements for multiple accounts on just one bill.  An invoice number will be assigned on their statement for the member to pay all accounts as one payment.

Levelized Billing

A member can request an account to be billed under the Levelized Bill Program.  The member must understand in order to remain on the program; the following criteria must be met.

1)    Member must not carry any balance to the next bill.
2)    Member must have no returned checks.  

In order to qualify for the program, the member must own his or her own home.  Only the member’s primary permanent residence qualifies for billing under the Levelized Bill Program after residing at the given location for one year.  Levelized billing is now also offered to mobile home owners with a permanent residence, residing at the given location for 2 years.  

A Levelized bill is calculated by the UPN system by taking an average of the member’s twelve-month history.  Every month the system re-averages the amount after dropping the oldest bill amount.