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Security Lights

Any member who desires to have a security light on his or her property must complete a Yard Light Lease Agreement.

There are 9 provisions in the Yard Light Lease Agreement as follows:
1)    The Association will furnish and install the light at no expense to   
the member on poles thirty feet in length at locations satisfactory to both parties.
2)    The Association will maintain the unit at its own expense.
3)    The agreement serves as an easement to the Association for the location of the unit, and the Association may trim any and all trees required for protection of the unit.
4)    Member agrees to pay for service for each lighting unit at the Association’s established rates.  The cost at the present time is $8.00 per month.  
5)    Member agrees that the unit and all equipment related to the unit are the property of the Association, and the unit can be removed at any time upon the member’s failure to pay monthly charges.  
6)    Member agrees to exercise reasonable care to protect the security light unit and all equipment related to it.
7)    Member gives the Association the rights to access Member’s premises to install and/or remove the unit.
8)    The agreement becomes effective on the date service is first delivered to the member, and it is effective for a time period of three years.  After that length of time, either party may terminate the service by giving thirty days notice.
9)    Maintenance of the light unit will be done at the convenience of the Association, but for a time period no longer than 3 days.