Right-of-Way Maintenance

Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association undertakes an aggressive right-of-way program. The elimination of growth and brush under and around power lines is important for providing reliable service.

Right-of-way clearance plays a major factor in providing electric service. Clear rights-of-way give our linemen an easily accessible path to service lines. This allows for the quick restoration of power in the event of an outage. Most importantly, having clear rights-of-way can help prevent an outage altogether. Tree limbs, brush and kudzu are often causes of outages or blinking lights. Yazoo Valley concentrates on clearing causes of possible outages before a problem arises.

You will sometimes see Yazoo Valley right-of-way crews clearing or inspecting rights-of-way and equipment in your area. Their vehicles will be clearly marked with Yazoo Valley logos. Some heavy equipment is used for trimming and removing trees, and environmentally friendly herbicides are used to effectively control other growth. In areas where herbicide application is not appropriate, the clearing is done by hand. This work can become tedious and difficult at times.

Member support is necessary for implementing this aggressive right-of-way program. Our right-of-way crews have a much easier job because of the cooperation that is evident from our members. Yazoo Valley greatly appreciates the candid support we receive from our members.